Street light on the blink? Let us know!

All HU street light poles should have a pole number. Providing us with this number is the easiest way to help us locate a street light that isn’t working.

Street and outdoor lights go out – it’s a fact of life. Bulbs burn out, wires get frayed, and photocells get old. We want to keep street and outdoor lights working as they should, but we can’t fix lights that are out if we don’t know about them.

Street and outdoor lights should come on as it gets completely dark, and go off at dawn. If you see a light that is off at night, or on during the day, please report it. Lights that are on during the day possibly have a bad photocell, and are costing HU money.

To report a street or outdoor light problem, call Hartselle Utilities Customer Service at (256) 773-3340 or email Please provide the following information:

  • Your name, address and phone number, in case we have questions.
  • Is the light not working at all, blinking, cycling on and off, or on all the time?
  • Is it a street light or an outdoor light on a customer’s property? Street lights face toward the street, while outdoor lights will be on a property and possibly pointing toward a building or house.
  • If it is a street light, is it in front of an address? If so, what is the address? If not, what street is it on, and what is the nearest home or business address and the nearest cross street? Are there any landmarks that can help pinpoint the pole?
  • If it is a street light, in addition to the above, what is the pole number?
  • If it is an outdoor light, what is the property address, and where is the pole located on the property?