Aid to Customers with High Bills

Customers desiring to see if their high bill qualifies under the policy, must contact Customer Service at (256) 773-3340 upon receiving their statement. Customers should not wait until the due date for the high bill to contact Customer Service.

Residential customers with unusually high utility bills may be offered the opportunity to pay these bills over a period of up to twelve months under certain conditions:

1.         During the month of the high bill, customer must pay an amount equal to the 12-month average bill plus a minimum of fifteen percent of the difference between the 12-month average bill and the amount of the high bill.

2.         If service is disconnected for non-payment, the customer must pay all amounts due plus any disconnect fees before service is restored.

3.         A high utility bill is one that exceeds 150% of the customer’s average bill for the previous 12 month period.

4.         The customer will be required to execute an agreement.

For more information, call Hartselle Utilities at (256) 773-3340 or send an email to Customer Service Manager Terri Harris at