Water Department

Where does Hartselle’s water come from?

Our water comes from Decatur Utilities which uses the Tennessee River as it’s source. The Tennessee River is a surface water source. Raw water is pumped from the river into DU’s treatment plant where chemical coagulants are added to create settling of particles. The water is then sent through sand filters to remove any unsettled particles. Disinfection is then achieved with the addition of chlorine. Fluoride is also added for the protection of children’s teeth.

After the treatment process is complete, the resulting potable water is then pumped into the distribution system. Hartselle Utilities receives water from DU through a metered connection at HU’s water booster station. HU then adds chlorine to renew the amount lost in DU’s distribution system. From there the water is pumped into Hartselle’s distribution system and storage tanks.