How to Read Your Bill

1. Customer Account Number/Account Number – the number assigned to a specific service location used for record keeping purposes.

2. Meter Reading Date – the date your meter(s) were read.

3. Days Billed – the number of days in the current billing period.

4. Previous Reading – the meter reading for the previous billing period.

5. Current Reading – the meter reading for the current billing period.

6. Amount Used – the amount consumed per service. An “E” located to the right hand side of the reading, for any service in the Amount Used column indicates that the reading was estimated. Should you have any questions, concerning an estimated reading, please contact the Customer Service Department.
• Electric service is measured in kilowatt hours; the total number of kilowatt hours is displayed on the bill.
• Water is measured in hundred gallons; add two zeros to the number of units shown on your bill to give you the total number of gallons consumed during the billing period.
• Natural gas is measured in hundred cubic feet; add two zeroes to the number of units shown on your bill to give you the total number of cubic feet consumed.

7. Amount – the charges for each service used.

8. Budget Billing Y-T-D- Difference – participants of Budget Billing should pay particular attention to this column, it indicates the credit or debit balance on your account.

9. Previous Amount Due – Any amount unpaid at the time the current bill was generated will be displayed here.

10. Late Charges – A five (5%) penalty is added to your bill if the total bill is not paid on or before the “Date Past-Due for Current Charges Only”. This date does not change and will be the same day each month. If this date falls on the weekend, the customer has the following Monday to pay their account without a late charge.

11. Payments & Adjustments – All payments and adjustments made to the account during this billing cycle will be reflected here.

12. Other Debits/Credits – Other miscellaneous debits or credits such as returned checks, reconnection fees, refund of credit balances for final bills, etc. will be displayed in this area.

13. Balance Forward – Any unpaid balance due on the account as of the date the current bill was generated will be shown here.

14. Current Charges – Total charges including applicable taxes for the current billing period.

15. Net Amount Due – Total amount due if payment is received on or before the due date.

16. Previous balances added to this bill are past due and subject to disconnect prior to the due date of this bill (lower left hand box). In addition, other important messages will be disseminated to our customers in the lower portion of this box. Please review this area of your bill each month.

17. Compare Your Usage – Customers can compare their current usage with the previous billing cycle and usage for the same billing period the previous year.

18. Operation Warm Contribution – Customers who wish to donate to Operation Warm Program may do so in the space provided here.

Note:  Hartselle Utilities serves as the billing agency for the City of Hartselle Garbage and Recycling and for Morgan County Environmental Services. If you have questions or concerns regarding these services, please contact their offices directly.

City of Hartselle Garbage (Street Department) 773-2643
Morgan County Environmental Services 773-3887