Spread Out the Impact of High Utility Bills with Levelized Billing

Making your home more energy efficient is the best way to lower your utility bill. However, during a really cold spell, unless you turn your heating unit completely off, you are going to be using more energy.

To help customers budget utility bills, Hartselle Utilities offers Levelized Billing. Levelized Billing is a tool that changes the timing for when you pay your bill – it removes the high peaks and low dips and spreads them out through the rest of the year.

Levelized billing calculates a customer’s payment each month by utilizing a rolling average of the most recent 13 months billing data, plus a factor that is calculated based on the customer’s over/short amount. The calculation has a preset maximum to prevent the account holder’s payment amount from increasing more than 120 percent from one billing cycle to the next.

The result is a utility payment that, while it still fluctuates throughout the year, doesn’t have the extreme peaks and valleys of actual utility usage, making it easier for customers to budget for their utility payments.

Customers that participate in Levelized Billing receive a bill that shows their actual energy usage each month, along with previous month and prior year’s usage. However, the billed charges and the amount due will be different.

There is no charge to set up Levelized Billing. To be eligible for the program, you must have a 12-month history with Hartselle Utilities.

To enroll, download the form or call the Hartselle Utilities Customer Service Department at (256) 773-3340.