Plan Ahead To Keep Your Family Safe During Stormy Weather

Winter storms can bring freezing rain, ice, and snow. Spring storms can bring damaging winds and flooding rain.

Fortunately, in recent years Hartselle has not experienced widespread power outages during major winter storms. However, residents should always stay prepared. Planning and preparing now can help you lessen the impact of a major storm and keep you and your family safe.

Prepare by gathering emergency supplies for your home and your vehicle, making a family plan, and discussing emergency notifications and expectations with your workplace and/or schools.

If your power goes out, call Hartselle Utilities at (256) 773-3340 (after hours: (256) 773-2533). Don’t assume that ‘someone else’ has called, or that we already know. Phone calls help us pinpoint exact locations of outages, which helps to restore power as quickly as possible.

Your Number, Please!

If we need to communicate with you, we will use the number we have on file. Check your utility bill to make sure your telephone number is up-to-date, especially if you have moved or switched to a mobile number in the last several years.