HU Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

HU recently held its annual Employee Milestone Service Recognition dinner to honor employees who achieved five-year employment anniversaries during 2016.
Congratulations to these employees; we thank you for your hard work and dedication.

(left to right) Steve Terry, Josh Owens, Talton Johns, Chris Burgess

35 Years  Steve Terry, Water System Operator

25 Years  Chris Burgess, Electric Foreman

20 Years  Talton Johns, Meter Technician

(left to right) Stephen Johnson, Michael Halbrooks, Mark Campbell, Chad Henry, Cody Clemons

15 Years  Josh Owens, Electric Lineman; Sidney Mills, Equipment Operator  (Not pictured); Lynn Wood, Field Services Superintendent (Not pictured)

10 Years  Chad Henry, Electric Lineman; Mark Campbell, Wastewater Treatment Plant Lead Operator; Stephen Johnson, Sanitary Sewer Line Cleaning Leadman

5 Years  Cody Clemons, Water Foreman; Michael Halbrooks, Installer