Helping Neighbors in Need Through Operation Warm

No one likes paying more for their utilities during extremely cold or hot weather. But for some residents – the elderly, people with disabilities, families with a health crisis and those with low incomes – high utility bills can bring heartbreakingly difficult choices, such as having to choose between paying for food or keeping the heat on.

Federally funded assistance programs help low-income families and seniors on fixed incomes pay utility bills throughout the year. Unfortunately, these programs don’t receive enough funding to help everyone who needs assistance. Community and donation-funded programs, such as Operation Warm, help to bridge that gap. Operation Warm is administered by Community Action Partnership of North Alabama, and all monies donated go directly to those in need.

“Assistance programs can be a lifeline to someone on a fixed income during winter and summer temperature extremes,” explains HU Customer Service Manager Terri Harris.

If you would like to help support Operation Warm with either a one-time or monthly donation added to your utility bill, please call HU Customer Service at (256) 773-3340.