24 HOURS of $aving Energy for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day all day on Monday, April 22 with these tips to help you save water & energy.

6am: Keep the refrigerator door closed as you make breakfast

7am: Cold outside? Open the drapes and let the sun help warm the room

8am: Turn off the lights before you leave the house

11am: Reduce ‘standby power.’ Use a power strip to turn off the TV when you’re not watching

12pm: Going out for lunch? Put your computer and monitor to sleep while you’re away

1pm: Don’t waste water! Check faucets for leaks

4pm: Buy energy efficient CFL & LED light bulbs

5pm: Change your air filters monthly to keep your cooling & heating equipment efficient

6pm: Wait to run the dishwasher until you have a full load

7pm: Doing laundry? Using cold water whenever you can saves energy

9pm: Taking a 10-minute shower instead of a bath saves water and energy

11pm: Turn down your thermostat while you’re sleeping