Summer Energy Tips

Summer temps are here: Beat the heat of high utility bills with these tips.

Keep it clean – after the sun goes down. Whenever possible, don’t run your dishwasher, washing machine or dryer during the heat of the day

Filter it out. Make sure your air conditioner filter is clean. A dirty filter keeps air from flowing through your air conditioner, and it works harder – and uses more power – than necessary.

Shut the doors! Try to minimize the amount of times you open and shut your main doors leading outside to keep the cool air in. The same theory includes your refrigerator door.

Do a fan dance. Use ceiling and floor fans to keep air moving in your home – they use a lot less power than setting your air conditioner lower.

Unplug to power down. Unplug any unused or unnecessary electronic devices. Even when turned off, if they are plugged in, they are still generating heat..

Lighten up. Make that switch to more energy-efficient light bulbs. You’ll save money, and they put off less heat!