Summer Sewer Rate Cap

Typically, most of the water a household uses enters the sewer system as waste. However, in the summertime, many residents use water outdoors, for example – to irrigate lawns and wash cars, and this water never enters the sewer system.  For this reason, HU sets a cap for the summer sewer rates at 120 percent of the average of each customer’s winter usage; customers are not charged a sewer fee for water used above the cap.

HU uses the months between November and April to calculate winter averages, and then caps each customer’s summer sewer rates at 120 percent of that figure.

HU customers who use a great deal of water outdoors year-round might consider an outdoor irrigation meter.  The cost for irrigation meter installation (1″ meter) is currently $791.00.  This cost includes $500 for the meter and installation along with a $291 Water System Development Charge, plus charges for the water used. However, there is no sewer charge for water used through an irrigation meter.

For more information, please contact Customer Service at (256) 773-3340.