Commercial/Industrial Sewer Connection Fees

Tap Fees:
4″ lateral service:  $1,757.00¹
1¼” low-pressure sewer service: $2,453.00¹

All Other Services:

Cost of Materials, labor and equipment to install.

(1)In those instances where the cost of the installation exceeds the published tap or set fee due to rock, the property owner will be charged the actual cost of the Materials, Labor, and Equipment to make the tap or set.

System Development Charges:
The amount of the Sewer System Development Charge may be determined by the schedule set below:

Meter Size (inches) Safe Maximum Operating Capacity of Water Meter (gpm) Sewer System Development Charge
5/8 25 $894
1 70 $2,504
1.5 120 $4,290
2 170 $6,079
3 390 $13,347
4 715 $25,568

Where there is a new water service or increase in water meter size, then a Sewer System Development Charge will be assessed according to the above schedule less credit for previous charges to the property or properties included in the new development. Credit for previous Sewer System Development Charges is not transferable and will always remain with the property.  Sewer System Development Charges for six inch and larger meters will be calculated by the Engineer on an individual basis.

Sewer System Development Charges will only be waived under the following provisions:

  • New service within a planned decentralized system
  • Residence required to connect by City ordinance
  • Irrigation meter

(Effective January 1, 2023)