Please Don’t Block Transformers and Meters

Vegetation around transformers and meters can become overgrown without a homeowner realizing it. When this happens, HU crews have difficulty reading meters – or worse, could be unable to reach a transformer during a power failure.

This is a safety issue, explains Customer Service Manager Terri Harris. “We understand that a pad-mounted transformer looks like an ugly green box in your front yard. However, our crews need a minimum area of six feet to work on most electric equipment, and workers cannot safely work through bushes.”

Customers can hide equipment from the street view with landscaping, Harris says, as long as utility crews are able to access the equipment from the side or back.

Customers with shrubs or other vegetation blocking access are notified by letter, asking them to remove the vegetation or obstruction.

“While we try to avoid it, we can charge a restricted access fee,” Harris says.