Our Focus: Keeping Customers & Employees Safe – and Utilities Intact

As we continue to comply with CDC recommendations to limit our customers’ and employees’ exposure to COVID-19, Hartselle Utilities’ lobby remains closed until further notice.

We strongly encourage all customers to pay your utility bill either online through hartselleutilities.org or over the phone by calling (866) 923-2745. Please note: there are convenience fees of $3.95 for debit and credit card payments and $2.35 for electronic checks utilizing this system. We do not currently have a method to waive convenience fees upfront, so during this crisis we will refund fees for online payments. The refund will appear as a credit on your next utility bill.

Convenience fees will be refunded at least until the end of May.

All in-person payments and other business are being handled through our drive-through customer service window. To limit your exposure, and keep the drive-through line as short as possible, we encourage customers to apply for service and make service transfer and disconnect requests over the phone or through email, said Hartselle Utilities Customer Service Manager Terri Harris.

For service requests and other business, please email inquiries@hartselleutilities.org.

For questions and to speak to a customer service representative, please call (256) 773-3340.

“All of our forms are available online at hartselleutilities.org,” Harris explains. “However, if for some reason you cannot find or download what you need, please call us and we will either email or mail it to you.”

Hartselle Utilities takes our role in meeting this crisis very seriously, and we are doing everything possible to keep our customers and employees safe. In addition to closing our lobby, here are other measures we are taking during this time:

All payments and other business are being conducted via the drive-through window.
Our crews have scaled back work in the field.
We are considering alternating crew work schedules to keep employees safe.
All employees are practicing social distancing, where possible.
We have talked with other utilities and have a plan in place in case our employees become ill.
“We are trying to plan for the unknown,” explains Hartselle Utilities General Manager Bob Sittason. “We are doing everything we can to protect our crews and employees so that we can keep services intact for our customers.”