Coordinating Projects With City Planners Helps All Departments

As you probably noticed, over several weeks this past spring Hartselle Utilities crews worked on the sewer system on Corsbie Street and surrounding areas. Traffic was reduced to one-way during the construction in some instances and the street was completely closed on other occasions.

This area is one of several with aging sewer system infrastructure – 50-year-old manholes and sewer service taps – HU staff has identified.

Water, sewer and gas lines are no longer installed under streets, whenever possible. When the sewer system was installed 50 years ago, however, construction practices were quite different. Sewer lines were frequently buried under streets, and service taps were often buried up to 18 feet deep, requiring major damage to roadways when repairs were needed.

For this reason, HU staff has worked closely with the Mayor’s office to identify upcoming road paving projects in the City’s budget that correspond with needed sewer infrastructure repairs, and where needed, scheduling infrastructure repairs just before the paving is scheduled to begin. Because there is no extra cost to the City to pave over a completed sewer project, this not only saves Hartselle Utilities money, explains General Manager Bob Sittason, it also decreases the number of road construction projects that residents have to navigate around.

“We will continue to coordinate with the City to minimize inconvenience to residents,” explains Sittason.