Contractor Starting Pole Inspections

Osmose crews will inspect and treat 1,200 utility poles from October through December.

From mid-October through December, crews from Osmose will inspect utility poles on the Hartselle Utilities system in the area from Nance Ford Road N to Rhodes Street, starting at Highway 31 to Tunsel Road.

During this time, notes Electric Superintendent Jonathan Hampton, customers may see crews in your yard as they inspect and treat poles.

Over time, decay and wood-destroying insects can cause wooden utility poles to lose their strength. Hartselle contractors inspect and treat every pole within the system every 8-10 years.

This helps identify bad poles before they break, Hampton explains, and by treating every pole that isn’t bad, it prolongs their expected life span. Crews will inspect and treat approximately 1,200 poles this year.

Based on the last round of inspections and information gathered from this inspection, Hartselle Utilities is creating a rating system to predict when a utility pole is getting weaker. This will help both with future budgeting and emergency pole replacements.