Thank you from HU!

On behalf of our Board of Directors and Hartselle Utilities, we would like to thank our customers who experienced power outages as a result of the recent mandatory requirement from TVA to implement rolling power interruptions. On Friday December 23 at 9:30 AM and Saturday December 24 at 4:50 AM, TVA directed all local power companies (LPC) to implement planned, short duration, intermittent power interruptions to maintain the overall power system reliability.  The measures taken were unprecedented in the history of both TVA and Hartselle Utilities.  During the 24-hours of December 23, TVA supplied more energy than at any other time in its history – 740 gigawatt-hours, or 740 million kilowatt-hours. The cold also produced a winter record for peak power demand of 33,425 megawatts at 7 p.m. CT when the regionwide average temperature was 9 degrees.

We understand these events impacted some of our customers at a time when families were preparing for Christmas, primarily the morning of the 24th.  From 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM, Hartselle Utilities implemented these preplanned rotating power outages to comply with TVA’s requirement.  By complying with this requirement, and collectively with all the LPC’s TVA serves, we were able to avoid even further drastic measures that could have affected even more customers and possibly our entire electric system.

Our goal at Hartselle Utilities is to always provide our customers with reliable and consistent power, and to control what we can control.  However, as this event serves as an example, some things are out of our control, but we are obligated to comply with TVA’s request to help ensure the overall reliability of the power grid that serves the Tennessee Valley and mitigate extreme measures that we have seen implemented elsewhere during weather events such as we have endured.  Again, thank you for your understanding, patience, and cooperation during this historical event.