Next Board Meeting

Monday, April 22, 2024 @ Noon

Board Meeting Agenda:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Guests
  3. Draft Minutes – March 25, 2024
  4. CMMC Rates Study Presentation
  5. MWPP Report
  6. Staff Comments
  7. General Manager’s Report
  8. Board Secretary Comments
  9. Board Comments

Hartselle Utilities Board of Directors

Mr. Michael Gunter, Chairman
Mr. Barry Hampton, Vice-chairman
Mr. Jimmy Moore, Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. Johnnie Howell, Member
Mr. Ben Peck, Member

It is the practice of the Board of Directors of Hartselle Utilities to meet once monthly in the Board Room of the Main Office of Hartselle Utilities at 1010 Sparkman Street NW, Hartselle, Alabama.

Occasionally, meeting dates or times will be changed due to scheduling conflicts or other uncontrollable circumstances. In these instances, the date and time change will be clearly posted on the preliminary agenda, located in the lobby of the Main Office at 1010 Sparkman Street NW, Hartselle, Alabama seven days prior to the actual meeting date.

If you have any questions concerning any meeting dates or times, please contact Carol Kirby at (256) 773-3363 or at