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Rates Increasing July 1

Rates for water and gas services will increase effective July 1, 2019. The water rates will increase across the board by 2.0 percent.  The average residential monthly water bill will increase $.53. Natural gas will increase 2.165 percent across the board. The average residential monthly natural gas bill during the heating season will increase $.92.

A Warm Welcome & Bittersweet Goodbyes

Hartselle Utilities welcomes John Kyzer to our Meter Reading Team. John joined HU in May 2019 and brings with him an excellent work ethic and drive to help our team and serve our customers. John and his wife, Caitlin, reside in the Laceys Spring community and are expecting their first child in October. Hartselle Utilities More >>>

Coordinating Projects With City Planners Helps All Departments

As you probably noticed, over several weeks this past spring Hartselle Utilities crews worked on the sewer system on Corsbie Street and surrounding areas. Traffic was reduced to one-way during the construction in some instances and the street was completely closed on other occasions. This area is one of several with aging sewer system infrastructure More >>>

F.O.G. Alert: Keep Fats, Oils & Grease Out of Your Drain

Fats, oils & grease – referred to as F.O.G. – are found in common foods including butter, cooking oil, salad dressings, mayonnaise, grease, lard, shortening, gravy, sauces, meat, fish, and many food scraps. If it is poured down your drain or into your kitchen garbage disposal, F.O.G. can build up over time. F.O.G. can be More >>>

Summer Wastewater Fees Capped Beginning in May

Typically, most of the water a household uses enters the sewer system as waste, so HU uses each customer’s water bill to calculate their sewer fees. During the summer months, residents generally use more water outdoors and this water does not enter the sewer system. HU sets a cap for the summer sewer rates at 120 More >>>

24 HOURS of $aving Energy for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day all day on Monday, April 22 with these tips to help you save water & energy. 6am: Keep the refrigerator door closed as you make breakfast 7am: Cold outside? Open the drapes and let the sun help warm the room 8am: Turn off the lights before you leave the house 11am: Reduce More >>>

Plan Now What To Do During A Tornado Warning

Last month, twenty-three people were killed when a mile-wide tornado struck Lee County, east of Montgomery. Damage from the EF-4 class tornado stretched for 24 miles, and news reports showed empty concrete slabs next to swimming pools where brick houses once stood. At least four other tornadoes hit Alabama the same day. The bad news More >>>