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Complete Your eScore Self Audit – Receive $10 Home Depot Gift Card

eScore™ is a new Program offered through a partnership between Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Hartselle Utilities. eScore provides homeowners with a simple way to make existing homes as energy-efficient as possible. Get a free energy savings kit AND a $10 Home Depot gift card by completing your eScore Self Audit. Click here or on More >>>

New Meter Readers

HU customers may have noticed two new faces reading meters recently. Hunter McAbee and Brandon Robertson are HU’s new meter readers. McAbee grew up in Hartselle with his parents, Christi Henry and Troy McAbee, and graduated from Hartselle High School in 2010. Before joining HU, he worked as a nuclear plant inspector. Robertson is a More >>>

Rate changes effective October 1

Electric rates will increase on October 1, 2014. HU’s residential customer charge will increase by $1.25 per month, and HU will pass through a rate increase in the electricity it buys from TVA. The overall monthly increase to the average HU residential customer, using 1,235 kWh per month, will be $3.16.

Pole Inspections Underway

Over time, decay and wood-destroying insects can cause utility poles to lose their strength. Every 8-10 years, HU and its contractors inspect every pole within the system, treating the poles that need to be treated to extend their life, and noting ones that need to be replaced. Based on the latest inspection from Osmose, Electric More >>>

TVA and Hartselle Utilities Introduce eScore Program

eScore Rebate Schedule 07.25.2014 Hartselle Utilities and TVA are pleased to introduce eScore, a modernized, enhanced version of the existing In-home Energy Evaluation (IHEE) program. eScore will become effective December 1. “The new program,” says Hartselle Utilities Customer Service Manager Terri Harris, “is designed to provide a simple path to making your home as energy More >>>

Please Don’t Block Transformers and Meters

During the summer months, vegetation around transformers and meters can quickly become overgrown. When this happens, HU crews might have difficulty reading meters – or worse, be unable to safely get to a transformer during a power failure. HU crews must have access to transformers and meters, Customer Service Manager Terri Harris says. “If your More >>>

Electric Rates Changing Oct. 1

Earlier this year a Cost of Service Study, which looks at how costs are allocated, showed that HU’s electric residential customer charge – its base rate – is too low. “A utility has costs you need to cover with your base rate, such as transmission and distribution and some maintenance, that are apart from the More >>>

Tree Trimming Schedule Set for Fiscal Year 2014

Fifty percent of Hartselle’s storm-related outages are caused by trees and limbs falling across the lines, says Electric Superintendent Jonathan Hampton. “And over eighty percent of our non-weather related outages are caused by squirrels,” he adds. To minimize damages from both, Hartselle Utilities has a system-wide plan to monitor and trim trees and remove brush More >>>